September 2020

Tulio Hallak Panzera, Thomas Jeannin, Xavier Gabrion, Vincent Placet, Chrystel Remillat, Ian Farrow, Fabrizio Scarpa

Static, fatigue and impact behaviour of an autoclaved flax fibre reinforced composite for aerospace engineering

Composites Part B: Engineering

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March 2020

Anne-Clémence Corbin,  Manuela Ferreira, Ahmad Rashed Labanieh, Damien Soulat

Natural fiber composite manufacture using wrapped hemp roving with PA12

Materials Today Proceedings, 2020

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May 2020

Anne-Clémence Corbin, Damien Soulat, Manuela Ferreira, Ahmad Rashed Labanieh

Influence of Process Parameters on Properties of Hemp Woven Reinforcements for Composite Applications: Mechanical Properties, Bias-extension Tests and Fabric Forming

Journal of Natural Fibers

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January 2020

Quentin Ruiz, Sylvie Pourchet, Vincent Placet , Laurent Plasseraud and Gilles Boni

New Eco-Friendly Synthesized Thermosets from Isoeugenol-Based Epoxy Resins

Polymers 2020, 12, 229 

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March 2020

Ivan Kumaniaev, Kranti Navare, Natalia Crespo Mendes, Vincent Placet, Karel Van Acker and Joseph S. M. Samec

Conversion of birch bark to biofuels

Green Chemistry, 2020, Advance Article

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November 2019

Anne-Clémence Corbin, Damien Soulat, Manuela Ferreira, Ahmad-Rashed Labanieh, Xavier Gabrion, Pierrick Malécot, Vincent Placet

Towards hemp fabrics for high-performance composites: Influence of weave pattern and features

Composites Part B: Engineering Volume 181

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