Bioeconomy For Change, the french bioeconomy network (France)


Institution and main tasks in SSUCHY

Bioeconomy For Change is the reference network for the bioeconomy in France, Europe and internationally. Our team of 35 specialists serve more than 500 members, from upstream agricultural activities through to the commercialisation of finished products. France is truly leading the way in the bioeconomy and is looking to extend its expertise globally. Our network promotes the bioeconomy, supports the projects of our members, and fosters networking and dynamic collaboration. Our ambition? To make France a world leader in biomass valorisation. Since 2005, Bioeconomy For Change has supported more than 300 bioeconomy projects worth more than €2 billion investments.

Bioeconomy For Change leads WP 11” Dissemination and exploitation” with the objective of broadcasting SSUCHY’s results to a wide audience and possibly influence further integration of the project’s technologies within the industry. Bioeconomy For Change will define, implement and monitor a communication and dissemination strategy, aiming at maximizing the impact of SSUCHY’s outcomes. Part of the tools will consist in sharing the results within the scientific and industrial community.  The project will also target policymakers for expanding the use of bio-based materials alongside a broader public to raise awareness on the benefits of such products.


Significant infrastructure and equipment

With a team of 26 people, Bioeconomy For Change cluster provides several services to its members for the development of bio-based products, such as:

  • Promote your actions
  • Inform your decisions
  • Grow your Network
  • Bring your innovations to life

Within our network, we work on every aspect of the production and valorisation of bioresources (agriculture, forests, marine resources, byproducts and waste) for the production of food, industrial processes and energy.

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