NPSP BV (Netherlands)

The institution

NPSP BV, founded in February 2014, is a privately owned R&D, innovation and sales organisation for biobased composite materials and products. NPSP develops sustainable, biobased, fibre reinforced plastics for street furniture/infrastructure and mobility. Together with its clients, NPSP develops aesthetic, constructive and durable solutions to technical problems. NPSP is on the forefront of making the composite industry sustainable. NPSP makes products that last longer and are better for people and the environment.

Main tasks in SSUCHY

As a SME company with specialty in design and manufacturing of various bio-based composite materials, NPSP will focus on WP9 and specifically on one of the demonstrators for automotive application: improving a monocoque scooter frame. They will notably work towards tackling the problems of sound and vibration absorption. NPSP will contribute with the production technique, the to pre pegging, to deliver samples and prototypes and also contribute to the production of full-scale demonstrator parts. They will also be involved in Life Cycle analysis and consult regarding performance of the samples as well as full-scale tests.

Significant infrastructure and equipment

NPSP facilities involved within SSUCHY include a laboratory equipment with injection machine and press for RTM, SMC and thermoplastic production process. Tensile and bending test equipment, laser cutting, test equipment for dynamic stiffness measurements. Robotisation equipment in advance.

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