University of Bristol (United Kingdom)


The institution

The University of Bristol is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. It is a thriving international community, combining excellence in research and innovation with a vibrant entrepreneurial culture. Research is at the heart of the University's mission and accounts for its international reputation. The University organizes its academic affairs across six faculties: Engineering, Science, Health, Biomedical Sciences, Social Sciences and Law, and Arts. In 2015-16 the University was allocated the 8th highest share of government research funding in England. The University participates in hundreds of international collaborations both within and outside of Europe and attracts research funding from organisations around the world. The University has strong collaborations with industry in the aerospace, transport and energy renewables sector, with its Cabot Institute leading programmes related to sustainability and environment in the 21th century.

The Departments of Aerospace Engineering and the Bristol Composites Institute (ACCIS) will particularly be involved in SSUCHY, via Pr. Fabrizio Scarpa. This department benefits from the concentration of aerospace industry and also has links with the renewable energy industry.


Main tasks in SSUCHY

The University of Bristol is WP9 leader and works on material characterisation (thermophysical, mechanical), composites manufacturing, modelling and design of foams/cores for vibroacoustics and structural integrity.


Significant infrastructure and equipment

The University of Bristol rely on their own autoclave (1 m diameter X 1.8 m), thermoforming, hot press, CNC composites cutter, drop tower (up to 40 J), variety of testing hydraulic and electro-hydraulic machines (from 50 N to 100 kN load cells), environmental chamber, video gauge extensometres and modal analysis equipment (BLADE Laboratory).

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