Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale Srl – Marzotto Spa (Italy)


The institution

Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale is currently owned by the Marzotto Group and based in Bergamo – Valle Brembana, Lombardy Region.  Its turnover is 60% realized in the national Italian market.

LCN designs, internally produces and sales hemp yarns, and linen yarns and fabrics for clothing and upholstery. Plants are located in Italy (Villa D’Almè,), Kaunas (Lithuania), Tunisi (Tunisia). The company realises about 45 M€ turnover and employs about 950 people. LCN is the major European linen yarns producer.

LCN internal production includes spinning and weaving. Dyeing is made on service by Marzotto Group. The company has a strong and distinctive competence in hemp and linen fibers, and in hemp and linen spinning technology. In Europe LNC is the unique company which designs and realises linen and hemp dedicated spinning machinery.

LCN is Gots and Oekotex certified.

Today the sustainability imperative represents a great opportunity for LCN. As well known, hemp and linen are more sustainable compared to other natural (cotton) and animal (wool, silk) fibers. Another opportunity is represented by the increasing market request for use of hempand linen in sustainable technical textile applications (composites for different business sector). Linen and hemp are light, biodegradable, and not allergic. They show the same/ better performance of glass fibers composite materials.

The Business Strategy of LCN plans the development of hemp and linen materials suitable for composites.


Main tasks in SSUCHY

As Industry, the main task of LCN in SSUCHY project is the production of hemp material suitable for composite within WP3 and WP4. His task is to provide to the transformation of hemp from stems to preforms. The project envisages about 10 tons of hemp straws.


Significant infrastructure and equipment

LCN can process on their machinery’s hemp/linen fibres also in low quantity.

On the whole equipment in LCN counts:

-  10 preparation product lines which allow the realization of mix of fibers with combination in the range 36.000 / 300.000 ribbons

-  8 machineries for different chemical treatments

-  Spinning : 30.000 spindles for water/no water yarns production and use of controlled ironing technology ; yarn production in the range Nm 2,5 -90

- Weaving: 18 looms.

- Internal Testing: raw material (fineness through Laserscan, toughness trough Stelometer) ; wick dissociation after chemical treatment trough Tenometer ; yarn (aspect, regularity, resistance) though Regolarimetro UT4.


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