École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes (France)


The institution

L’Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tarbes (ENIT) is a French Engineering School founded in 1962 in Tarbes, with about 1200 students. ENIT has built its identity over the years to become a well-recognized centre in Training/Research/Development in mechanical engineering and manufacturing.

The laboratory

The Laboratoire Génie de Production – LGP (Laboratory of Manufacturing Engineering) of the ENIT school is a multidisciplinary academic research laboratory dedicated to the multiscale integrated design. The Laboratory is constituted of 53 permanent researchers and is divided in four research teams that cover a larger thematic spectrum around cognitive systems, decisional systems, applied mechanics and materials.

The research work performed within the SSUCHY program will be carried out within the composite, biocomposite and Textile transversal group lead by Pr. Ouagne. This group of six researchers is dedicated to the design, the manufacturing processes and the characterisation of new technical textile based products from synthetic and plant based fibres. The team is reinforced by two research engineers, specialist of plant-based resources extraction such as fibres around the “Centre de ressources et de transfert en (bio)Composites Innovants” CRTCI” (Transfer centre on innovative (bio)composites), under the scientific supervision of Pr. Ouagne. The global team is therefore composed of two full professors, four assistant professors and two associated research engineers.

Main tasks in SSUCHY

Within the frame of the SSUCHY project ENIT will lead WP4 (leader), and contribute to WP5 and WP10. Its main task consists in producing and modelling the behaviour of innovative textile products at the scale of the yarn from hemp plant stems (WP4). Within the WP5, ENIT collaborates with ENSAIT to perform deformability and friction tests of textiles at the scale of woven, knitted or braided fabrics. The last contribution of ENIT is about the multiple recycling of thermoplastic composites by using two different mechanical processes in collaboration with KUL.

Significant infrastructure and equipment

The experimental facilities of the ENIT involved within the SSUCHY project are separated in different dedicated and specialised platforms. A first one is dedicated to production and multiscale characterization of textile plant-based products. It consists in a set of equipment capable of extracting fibres from their biological support before transforming them into textiles products such as rovings or yarns as well as multiscale characterisation devices to evaluate the properties of fibrous materials from the scale of the individual fibre to the scale of the engineered textile. A second platform deals with the subject of the composite manufacturing processes, with equipment (from which several of them are unique as in-house developed) dedicated to the elaboration and the recycling of thermoplastic and thermoset structural or semi-structural materials. A non-destructive characterisation platform, with Infrared Thermography coupled to DIC, and X-ray tomography can be used to characterise the elaborated materials and the potential defects.

PhD and Post-docs involved in SSUCHY:

 Marie GRÉGOIRE, PhD student (marie.gregoire@enit.fr)


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