March 2020

M. Grégoire, B. Barthod-Malat, L. Labonne, P. Evon, E. De Luycker and P. Ouagne

Investigation of the potential of hemp fibre straws harvested using a combine machine for the production of technical load-bearing textiles

Industrial Crops and Products -In Press, Corrected Proof

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November 2019

Maria Morissa Lu, Aart Willem Van Vuure

Effects of water immersion ageing on composites made of non-dry flax fibres

Materials Today Proceedings, 2019

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August 2019

MM. Lu and A.W. Van Vuure

Improving moisture durability of flax fibre composites by using non-dry fibres

Composites Part A - Volume 123, pp 301-39

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September 2019

Marie Gregoire, Emmanuel De Luycker, Mahadev Bar, Salvatore Musio, Stefano Amaducci & Pierre Ouagne

Study of solutions to optimize the extraction of hemp fibers for composite materials

SN Applied Sciences (2019) 1:1293

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July 2019

Felice Rubino, Anne-Clémence Corbin, Manuela Ferreira, Ahmad Rashed, Labbanieh, Luigi Sanguigno, Damien Soulat, and Angelo Maligno

Permeability characterization of braided fabrics made of hemp fibers

AIP Conference Proceedings 2113, 060008 (2019)

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July 2019

Pourchet S, Sonnier R, Ben-Abdelkader M, Gaillard Y, Ruiz Q, Placet V, Plasseraud L, Boni G. New

New Reactive Isoeugenol Based Phosphate Flame Retardant: Toward Green Epoxy Resins

ACS Sustainable Chemistry Engineering 7, 16, 14074-14088

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February 2019

Jeannin T, Gabrion X, Ramasso E, Placet V

About the fatigue endurance of unidirectional flax-epoxy composite laminates

Composites Part B: Engineering

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